Black Heart Spiritual Meaning: 9 Warnings For You

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Black Heart Spiritual Meaning

There’s the black heart, and then there’s the black heart. The black heart signifies valor and bravery. The black heart spiritual meaning is a bit different.

It’s often associated with negativity, evil, self-doubt, and other dark emotions/spiritual traits. Let’s explore these meanings, their associations, and connotations further in this article. 

What Does a Black Heart Symbolize in Spirituality?

If you believe that certain phenomena have spiritual symbolism, then don’t take it lightly if you have been accused of having a black heart. Queen Katherine of Aragon had a black heart when she died.

Many attributed it to the harassment and mistreatment she suffered at the hands of her husband, King Henry VIII. She felt fear, and inner doubts, and didn’t always believe in herself.

So, if someone tells you you have a black heart, it means you’re afraid of certain things deep down inside. It also means that you self-doubt and don’t believe in your true capabilities. 

9 Spiritual Meanings of a Black Heart

9 Spiritual Meanings of a Black Heart

Be more than flattered if you start seeing and sensing black hearts wherever you go. It’s a signal from the powers from beyond that you may be chosen to accomplish some deed or fulfill a special purpose on Earth. It’s time to decipher 9 of the most common black heart spiritual meaning.

You Feel Alone

Sure, you may have lots of friends, but your soul may actually be lonely if you start dreaming or seeing/sensing black hearts wherever you go. 

Take seeing or dreaming about a black heart as a sign that you’re about to find that special and permanent life partner if you’ve been in a string of unsatisfying and unsuccessful relationships. It often means that your ‘twin flame’ will soon come knocking on your doorstep, maybe literally!

You May Actually Have a Guardian Angel

Black heart spiritual meanings may differ by person, but seeing and sensing black hearts everwhere and suddenly often means that you have someone who is looking after you.

That fits the perfect definition of a guardian angel. It’s a triple blessing since guardian angels have traditionally looked after the needs of those they protect and connect them with their souls.

You’re Ready to Move On

That’s important since holding onto a grudge can damage your emotional and spiritual selves. However, you need to forgive the people or entities who you hold a grudge against before you can make mends.

So, black heart sightings and dreams can mean that you’re ready to forgive, forget and, the move on with your life.

New People May Be Crossing Your Path

They say that “God puts people in our life paths for a reason.” If that’s true, then black heart dreams and sightings can signify that you’re about to turn over a new chapter in your life and meet new (and probably more interesting) people. 

You’re Headed for Black Times

Depression is often symbolized by black. So, if you start sensing, seeing, or dreaming about black hearts suddenly and more often, it can be a sign from the great powers that you’re about to enter into a period of depression. 

Interestingly enough, you may start dreaming about yourself laughing, dancing, and having other types of good and clean fun when you’re depressed. Be happy since it’s a sign from the spirits that better days are on the horizon.

You Lack Confidence

Be a little more than perplexed if someone gives you a black heart necklace. It means that you lack self-confidence. You tend to develop low self-confidence after repeatedly hearing other people tell you that you’re incapable of doing certain things.

So, you tend to internalize that negativity and you never even think about attempting to do those things.

But a black necklace gift can also be a blessing in disguise since it will help you battle your own demons and (eventually) develop the self-confidence to take the world on!

You Need to Purify Your Heart

Black heart spiritual meanings tend to have a dark nature. So, if you receive a black heart as a gift, or if you start seeing and dreaming about them more often, it may be a sign that you have an evil heart.

So, your actions are often motivated by greed, lust, self gain, and other vices. 

Black hearts are often a signal from beyond that it’s time to purify your heart, mind, body, and soul!

You Think Bad Thoughts

A black heart often many mean that you think negatively. You may need to to a complete spiritual cleansing to purify your heart, mind, soul, and body so that you can start thinking good thoughts.

Your Love Life May Be Improving

Interestingly enough, black hearts can symbolize that you’re capble of giving and receiving love and affection. That’s important in a relationship. So, if you start dreaming about, seeing, or receive a black heart as a gift, take it as a good sign from above.

What Does a Black Heart Mean Spiritually?

Black heart spiritual meanings vary. One means that you’re in a state of emotional distress or darkness because of the malicious words or actions someone said or did against you.

The good news is that black hearts can be mended since they’re the temporary results of a recent action.

If you start seeing or dreaming about black hearts and you’re in a relationship that’s frequently on the rocks, it may be a sign from above that you need to seek out counseilng and discuss understanding and communication issues in-depth.

There is still hope for your relationship since the two of you love each other dearly.

Dreaming of a Black Heart

Dreaming of a black heart can mean that you don’t trust a particular person or situation, either completely, or at all.

Black heart spiritual meaning in dreams often indicate self-doubt. It means that you don’t have the faith or confidence to undertake a particular task.

You will often delegate responsibilities and tasks to others who you deem to be more competent if you have many black heart dreams.

Why Do Certain People Wear a Black Heart?

black threads drawing a black heart

Some teens and young people wear all black or primarily black clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. If they wear black heart jewelry, i

t’s generally because they identify the dark tendencies of the Goth movement.

Some people wear black hearts to empathize with and offer emotional support to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other movements/causes that show off black pride.

What Does a Black Heart Charm Mean?

Black heart charms tend to signify lack of empathy and emotional support. However, they can also mean that you’re ready to celebrate the gifts of life and love themselves.

The latter can be the case, especially if you’ve recently lost someone close and special to you.

I Was Offered a Black Heart, What Should I Do?

You should offer emotional support and be very empathetic if someone sends you a black heart.

That’s especiall the case if the sender was a man and the black heart was an emoji. It’s a sign that the person loves you with an intense passion.

Black heart emojis from men tend to mean that the man loves the recipient so much that he views that person to be his eternity-long soul mate. 

Of course, black heart emojis from men can also mean that they are going through a very difficult time in life and are crying out for love and support. In that case, you should be as supporting, kind, caring, loving, and understanding as possible.

Should I Use a Black Heart?

Suprisingly enough, there are times when you should use a black heart. That’s especially true in certain circumstances.

For example, if you’re into the Goth culture, you may find that using black heart emojis can and will help you show someone who’s going through a rough patch in life that you’re there for them.

Using black hearts can also show that you fully support the Black Lives Matter movemement and other black causes.

Should I Be Afraid (of a Black Heart?)

It depends on the context and situation. Black hearts tend to symbolize negativity, spite, and hatred spiritually. However, as this article has discussed, it can also be a celebration of love and life itself. 

So, if your uncle dies and you receive a black heart pendant necklace from his wife, take it as a sign that you should be happier and celebrate the good things that your uncle did while alive as well as the love he showed others.

Black hearts can also show support for African-Americans. You should support that to the fullest in light of the fact that racism is often insitutionalized in Ameirica!

What Does the Black Heart Mean in Different Cultures?

3 black hearts

In some modern American sub-cutures, black hearts tend to symbolize a feeling of general sadness and a darker outlook on life (Goth.)

In African-American culture, it’s a sign of respect and that the wearer (of the black heart) truly empathizes with and suppports the BLM and other related movements.

American Culture

Most Americans associate black hearts with evil or something/someone that/who’s corrupt and rotten to the core both mentally and spiritually. 

Japanese Culture

Japanese tend to view black hearts negatively. They think that black hearts mean that evil deeds and destruction are right around the corner.

Chinese Culture

A black heart, to the Chinese, means that a person is horrible, both spiritually and mentally. 

Final Words

While the black heart spiritual meaning can vary by culture, historical time period, and even context, there is no doubting that its sightings and dreams mean that something dark or someone dark is about to occur or appear in your near future. 

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