Vertigo: 12 Spiritual Meanings For You (Revealed)

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spiritual meaning of vertigo

 Have you ever felt a sensation of spinning?

Have you ever experienced that the world is moving rapidly around you?

This feeling of the surroundings being too fast around you is associated with vertigo. 

Many times it is also accompanied by nausea, vomiting and headache.

While the main reason for vertigo is due to health conditions,

Apart from health, vertigo has spiritual meanings as well.

To know more about it, keep reading!

Can Spiritual Awakening Cause Vertigo?

woman sitting with spiritual vertigo

While there is no scientific evidence of vertigo being caused by a spiritual awakening, many people who have suffered from vitiligo have reported spiritual awakening.

 It tells us that there is a possibility of vertigo being caused by spiritual awakening.

 Experiencing the world moving too fast in front of your eyes is associated with the energy that is: stored inside your body, you have this feeling when this energy is: exchanged for new energy.

12 Spiritual Meanings of Vertigo and Random Dizziness

man with hands on head because of vertigo

Vertigo can cause different health issues such as dizziness, migraine, nausea, and pain inside your ear; other than these health-associated reasons, there can be spiritual meanings of vertigo, such as:

1) You want to fit in:

When you feel random dizziness, it indicates that you want to feel accepted and fit in. You should fit in the society or workplace, etc. Try your best not to think too much about this and move on.

2) Seeking comfort:

Seeking too much comfort can be a sign of vertigo, you might not like to face some challenging situations, but the best you can do is to be brave and stand strong.

3) Confusion:

Vertigo can be a spiritual sign that you are not comfortable inside, and the underlying discomfort can be because of the confusion: that can be there because of different reasons. You might be spending much of the time wondering. This discomfort inside you can cause dizziness. At times like this, the best you can do is to get clarity on those subjects.

4) Anxiousness:

While little anxiousness is fine, too much anxiety can lead to dizziness. Especially when: you

are anxious about multiple things, such as your career and relationship. Your spirituality tries to: warn you that too much anxiousness is not okay for you. Try to be calm in difficulties and hope for the best.

5) Imbalance in life:

That can be one of the vital signs that your spirituality is signalling you. Vertigo is a sign that you are living your life with imbalance. The imbalance can be in multiple parts and for various causalities, the best thing to do here is to determine what is causing that imbalance and in which area of your life and then fix it.

6) Fear:

Random dizziness can be a sign that you have: a constant fear of something in your life, whether consciously or subconsciously. You should make yourself comfortable. The best thing to do here is:

  • identify the fear
  • accept the fear
  • overcome the fear

7) The desire for control:

Vertigo can be a spiritual sign for you when you are tense with the desire to take control of most of the things around you. Do not be obsessed with taking control; accept things and move on.

 8) Mismatch in coordination:

Dizziness can be a sign that you are lacking coordination in life, you need to find out the area in which you are lacking coordination and balance it. Doing this will allow you to have a more composed life. 

 9) Guidance:

According to some people, vertigo can be a sign of spiritual guidance from the universe. When the subconscious seeks wisdom at its peak, it leads to the sensation of dizziness.

10) Time to divert:

Dizziness can come as a sign: that you divert your attention from something you find problematic in your life. 

Taking this cue can be of much significance because it is difficult to get.

11) Emotions:

Vertigo and dizziness can be a sign that some emotions are stored inside for a long time, and you need to be in touch with them. 

You should know how and what your emotions are trying to tell you.

 12) Energy:

When the energy is shifted from your body, there are high chances of occurrence of vertigo because of spiritual reasons. You mustn’t think too much about this process.

Spiritual Reasons for Vertigo and Dizziness

Seeing the world spinning around you can be a scary experience, but it has some spiritual reasons to look for:

Our body gives signals to us in various ways, vertigo and dizziness can be one of them, but it has more to do with the inner spirit.

There are 7 chakras inside the body of a human and the chakra that is responsible for vertigo is called the Ajna chakra, which constitutes in the centre and that is what it is also called the third eye.

For your body to function properly, this chakra must be in proper functioning. Any problem in Ajna chakra can cause you to develop vertigo.

What can vertigo indicate?

Vertigo can indicate the following:

While having vertigo can feel like a opposing experience, it does not have to be that crucial. Many individuals who have experienced vertigo claimed it felt like a spiritual awakening.

Because it pushes you to change your perspective of your inner self and the universe, vertigo can also reveal that new energy is entering your body, which causes dizziness because it wants your mind not to wander here and there at times like this.

Vertigo can also be an signal for you to notice things about yourself. You should take it as a sign and try to notice things inside you that you did not do earlier.

Rather than being scared, take vertigo as a spiritual indication to be more attentive about your inner self. It opens the gate for new learning that would not be possible otherwise and spiritual connections that you might not have experienced earlier.

Misaligned chakras

As discussed previously, vertigo can be caused because of the Ajna chakra, which is one of the seven chakras. The Ajna chakra is located in the centre; any mismatch here can cause vertigo. But the good news is that: it can be treated with the right actions, such as spending time in nature and activities that calm you and stops you from worrying.

You will have to go deeper and practice a variety of methods, which will assist you in removing the old energy because it needs to be replaced with new energy. Receiving new power is crucial for your chakra; the old energy should not be stored longer.

Taking care of your chakra will not only help you in fixing vertigo, but it is helpful for other spiritual areas of life as well.

You should pay close attention to the ear chakra responsible for vertigo, and cleaning the ear chakra to receive new energy is essential.

You need to identify the misbalance of chakras to fix yourself and try making it easier for your chakra to receive energy, which is responsible for feeling dizziness.

What is God’s vertigo?

There is a tribe called Muria that belongs to central India, and Vertigo is an vital section of their spiritual traditions. Muria people consider vertigo a divine activity from God; they celebrate the spinning sensation in different forms and movements.

In Christianity also, vertigo is said to be generated because of divine activities. There are examples when women complain of Vertigo, and the pastors would suggest repenting to God and being closer to God.

Many Christians regard vertigo as a negative spirit, and the person suffering from vertigo can get rid of it by seeking help from God; there are some particular prayers and rituals for vertigo that the pastors suggest to people experiencing vertigo.

What does it mean to be dizzy and spiritual?

Vertigo spiritual meaning

Dizziness can be caused by a variety of reasons, but it is crucial to understand it.

Dizziness can make you feel like the world is spinning in front of your eyes, and this sensation can last longer than expected. 

Dizziness for a longer period of time can be disturbing and difficult to bear.

The feeling of: dizziness can change the way you look at your surrounding.

 You might feel like you are far away from reality. Dizziness can signal that your inner self wants attention. When you do not stay in touch with your inner self it can be inappropriate, so pay close attention.

 Going through these types of experiences can teach you a lot and that is important for your spirituality.

 The feeling of dizziness can indicate positivity, it can be a sign for you to take on new challenges. You need to believe: that it has come to you as a form of motivation, take this as an opportunity to take some actions. It can be a good way to approach a long-term goal.

You should utilize these opportunities fully to take on new roles and experiences.

Taking care of yourself is consequential; you can do this by being in connection with your inner self, which will help you to be aware of yourself.

Feeling dizzy is also associated with containing some confusion. It is a signal to resolve that puzzle. Feeling dizzy is also associated with containing some confusion.

 It is a signal to resolve that puzzle, whether it is related to your work, relationship with others or any other thing.

 Removing the confusion from your life can be of immense help to you.

Should I be concerned?

You do not have to be concerned about this at all, because this phenomenon is common in people, and it can be treated with the right approach as you have read earlier try applying those suggestions.

You can quickly cure it by taking professional medical help to care for your spirituality by being in touch with your inner self.

But the main thing is not to sit idle and overthink, but rather take some action: that is related to what you want to fix and relevant.

Taking action in the right direction becomes especially important when you frequently experience vertigo because then it can be a direct signal for your spiritual self.

What should I do spiritually?

You can do the following things:

  • Do not resist the transition; allow this to happen without overthinking because your subconscious mind will take care of it, trust your gut feeling.  Have faith in yourself, and hope for the best: that what comes will be better than what has gone.
  • Resolve the issues making you wonder too much about life and other things; needing clarification for a longer duration is unsuitable for your spirituality.
  • Pacify yourself to the point that you do not feel tense. Being tense can cause you to develop dizziness, so you must take care of yourself.
  • Listen to what your inner self is trying to articulate to you. Understanding your inner self can be of immense help, that is why you must pause presently to be in touch with your inner self.
  • Avoid too much negativity around yourself; staying with negative thoughts and negative people is not well for your spirituality. You should give more space to positive people and positive thinking.
  • Track your thoughts; you must be in touch with what you think and feel most of the time and take action in the direction your subconscious tries to guide you. You should be aware of: what your thoughts are trying to tell you most of the time.

Final words

Vertigo can be a strange experience for many, but it can be: used for one’s good.

You can take it as an experience to know more about your spirituality, and become more connected with your inner self.

Gaining clarity on vertigo can be a blessing in disguise.

A change in perspective towards vertigo is crucial for everyone who has been through this experience.

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